This game tells the story of Bjarni, a stout Viking: As a young boy, he accompanied his kin on a journey to search for the mysterious Sunstones. The search led them all the way to an undiscovered continent – America. His father, Leif Eriksson, today is often called the true discoverer of America – much earlier than Christopher Columbus. His last adventure – a journey to solve the mystery of a strange vision – had led Bjarni through all of Europe and into the Orient.

In his travels, Bjarni met three courageous heroes who chose to accompany him. Together, after numerous ordeals, they managed to defeat the terrible Snake of Midgard and save the world from destruction. For this had been Bjarni’s vision – and his fate. There was a spectacular victory celebration ... and then it was time for these heroes, who had become good friends, to go their separate ways...

Cultures - Northland

Both in one package

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