They didn't come in peace!

Since the aliens have landed, earth is descending into chaos. The skums destroy whole areas while searching for valuable ressources. In the meantime the opposed factions of the human race are making use of the chaos and are contuinuing their own struggle for global dominance. In Ufo-Online, from an underground basis, you as the leader of a resistance group can interfere and change the planet's fate.  Recrute experts for your strike force, battle aliens and humans and conquer important territories for your faction. May you do well!




we have to anounce humanity’s defeat in the fight against the scum. Due to this our defense-systems have been shut down on September 30 2015 and the game-operation of UFO Online has been closed.


The discission to discontinue UFO Online was a hard one to make. The technical difficulties in the past as well as the end of support for the unity web plugin in bowsers (as currently in Google Chrome) unfortunately make it impossible for us to keep the game running. We at Funatics want to thank all the players who gave UFO Online a try and reported valuable feedback to us.

Your UFO Online-Team

The fight for earth has begun! Get ready for the intense tactical combat with PvE and PvP opponents. Choose a faction, build up your troops and erect a base.Develop unique stategies to surprise and defeat your enemies. Experience all this free of charges and directly in your browser. Nuster your friends, get your troops ready and face the combat today!

Playable with every unitiy-supporting browser. • A dynamic worldmap which stays up to date with the fight results. • Tunr-based combats against computr-controlled as well as real players. • Craftable and enhanceable weapons and armor. • Your own individual base. • Free to play


  • Tactical turn-based combat
  • Thrilling PVP and PVE quests
  • Expandable base
  • Confederations with other players
  • Research and construction
  • Different character classes
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