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Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013, 11:49

Patchlog 18.12.2013


The most important innovations:

• Famous heroes of the Vikings regularly give you tasks
• The fight for colonies has been toughened
• There are multiple price-reductions
• The maximum level has been raised
• If you go on an expedition with more than one hero, all travelling heroes will receive the full XP-reward

In Detail:


• The merchant now always offers grey items for no runes and green items don’t always cost runes. If they do, the cost is less than it used to be.

• Skipping the waiting period in the tribe dungeon costs 9 runes instead of 99.

• Redistributing the skillpoints of your hero costs 25 instead of 250 runes.

• If you want to restart the game deleting your game score will cost one instead of 10 runes.

• New slots in the clothing chest are cheaper than before.

• Increasing the euphoria in a colony costs 2 instead of 5 runes.

• Increasing the euphoria in the tribe colony costs 29 runes instead of 39.

• The prices for gemstones have been reduced.

• If you want to complete the expansion of a building immediately, the rune-price is linked with the duration left. E.g. a balance time of 12 hours will cost more runes than a balance time of half an hour.

Changes for all Players:

• The maximum level has been raised to 159. As many of you had wished all players are now able to reach higher levels. The first to reach the new maximum level on a server will be rewarded with a unique trophy. On the new server all level-trophies can be won.

• Heroes from level 150 on have a new state in America: Hawaii. Naturally the state has its own, new dungeon with new set items for your heroes.

• Ragnarok too now lasts up to level 159. New Ragnarok set-items have been added accordingly.

• From now on all heroes participating in an expedition receive the full XP-reward. This will make it easier for you to level up all your heroes.

• On your expeditions you have a new task giver with challenging and more rewarding tasks. Look out for the king with the skull-symbol.

• Your opponent’s strength has a stronger impact on the on the XP-reward. Defeating stronger opponents will give you more XP.

• New tasks are waiting in your home village. Famous heroes regularly give you tasks.

• There are new achievements for the expansion of buildings, expeditions, completed battlefields at Ragnarok, duels and raids.

• The Chieftain Hall and the Storehouse can be expanded further, so you can store more resources.

• The building times have been reduced. Especially the first construction of school, temple, well, brewery, beehive, druid, toolmaker, builder, shipyard and kontor have been reduced.

• Some resource costs for buildings have been reduced and the building time and costs for the Asians have been adapted to those of the Vikings.

• On some occasions in the game you will be able to buy missing resources with runes. This will cut the waiting time in the resource production.

• The heroes in the pub have new company. Apart from the usual heroes visiting your village there are new and better equipped heroes offering their services. These will always the same level as your main hero. The other heroes will have a lower level than your main hero.

• Bjarni will let you play his game in the pub 99 times a day without charging runes. Used to be only three times.

• The gemstones can no longer be stacked in the smithy, you can only use one gemstone per upgrade. On the other hand the chances for a successful upgrade when using a ruby or a diamond have been increased significantly and the costs of gemstones have been reduced.

• The prices for sails and boosts have been adapted. The maximum duration has been lowered to 30 days, even if they are stacked.

• To avoid first hits determining a whole fight, the damage a character makes with the first hit was reduced.

• The tutorial is completely redesigned. There are single tasks explaining the game and gameplay. Due to technical restrictions all players will go through the tutorial, even if they already know the game. But that also means all players will receive the rewards accordingly.

• Some features of the game will be locked until the player has reached a certain level. This will simplify the game for starters.

• The menu to access the tribe, smithy, colony and others now opens with a click. No more accidentally opening it per mouse over.

• The number of available colonies has been increased and the endurance bonus has been adapted, to make the fight over colonies more challenging and lively. Also you can now build only one (Motte) in the colony instead of three. This rebalances some features of the colonies players had been complaining about.
I speak German and English. Any other language will be answered in English after using an automated translation program. Hence the answers in that case might be more general than desired. I am sorry for that.


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